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Warrant of Fitness

It is a requirement to have a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for Paragliding and Hang Gliding equipment in New Zealand

Getting a WOF

The links below take you to the NZHGPA list of registered WOF inspectors that are authorised to carry out WOF checks for paragliding and hang gliding equipment.


These inspectors are authorised to act as ‘Authorised Maintenance Personnel’ in accordance with CAA Part 115. You can expect to be charged a fee by the inspector to cover their time.


WOF Inspection Evenings

From time to time (annually) the Club may hold a group WOF inspection evening for Club members where the fee is likely to be less.

Please check the Club Notices page for any upcoming WOF evening. Otherwise, contact one of the WOF inspectors above to arrange a WOF.



Gear repairs

The following are useful contacts to call on for repairs to your paragliding equipment.

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