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GPS Coordinates: -43.588, 172.727


Wind Direction: SW


Minimum Pilot Rating: PG2


Access: From Summit Road turn onto Broadleaf Lane. Go through the gate and cattle stop (leave the gate as you find it) and continue up to the grassy layby 130 m below the building at the top.


Parking: In the grassy layby there is room for 3-4 vehicles. Further up the track you can also park 2-3 vehicles.


Take-off: Take-off (TO1) is a mere 50 m from the grassy layby down the track towards Lyttelton.


Landing: There is NO real bottom landing for the SW site.

However, you can try and put the glider down on the saddle just before the Gondola or with enough altitude you could make the Lyttelton Sports Grounds at Naval Point (beware of turbulence from the tall trees that surround the field).


Top landing is fairly straightforward in a SW. However you want to be fairly advanced in this skill. Lift can drop off suddenly and you may only have one chance for a safe landing.


Flying: Only fly the SW site in a dying southerly. There is sufficient room to ridge soar several gliders. It can also be quite thermic. There is a weather station in Lyttelton Harbour which can be accessed via the Lyttelton Port Company website.


XC potential is a bit limited because you have to push into a headwind to fly down the summit ridge towards Gebbies Pass. However, you may get lucky with the conditions and find you can try the glide across the harbour.

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