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Airspace Restrictions

Christchurch International Airport is located in close proximity to the majority of our sites and hence we are affected by the large amount of controlled airspace that has been created to protect aircraft flying within it. We are not permitted to fly within controlled airspace and so you must ensure that you avoid it by becoming familiar with the location of controlled airspace around Christchurch Airport.


This is not negotiable, the day a Hang Glider or Paraglider has a mid-air incident with another aircraft in controlled airspace is the last day we will be able to fly.

You will find the most appropriate airspace on a Visual Navigation Chart C13 (1:250000 scale). Check this is the current chart as they are updated annually.

The map shown cannot be relied on, but is here as a general guide.

The red area is the Christchurch Airport control zone and is prohibited for all aircraft not equipped with a transponder.

The green area shows G853 which may be flown up to 5500 feet after being activated.


G853 Is a general aviation area created by the club to increase our altitude limit from 3500 ft amsl to 5500 ft amsl for the highlighted area. To use this increased altitude limit you need to activate it by calling the Christchurch Airways duty manager on 03 3581694 or via the flight briefing office (0800NBOPLN ask for the duty manager).

You will need to give an activation time and a time at which it will close. Airways staff are very helpful and will do their best to meet our requirements.


If we do not use G853, it is hard to justify its continued existence, so please, do not be shy, make good use of G853 and activate it when conditions are suitable.

Other useful airspace around Canterbury

G951 - Torlesse Range


This is an indicative outline of the airspace area G951 which can be opened on request by Christchurch air traffic control. When G951 is opened, we have a maximum altitude of 9500 feet over Torlesse range.


G952 - Lake Coleridge / Mt Hutt


G952 can be opened on request and allows 12,500 above and west of Mount Enys.

Have questions about airspace in and around Canterbury?

Get in touch with our Airspace Officer -

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