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Castle Hill Station Lambing Update

Castle Hill Station Lambing finishes 1 December. Please continue to avoid Stock & Crop fields beyond this time.

The Castle Hill Station would like us to keep in touch with them if you land anywhere near their station.

Their Lambing season runs from 10th October to 1st December and they currently have a large number of sensitive fields with lambing in progress. They also have bulls with their young next to the car park, and newly sown fields elsewhere.

We will be getting an updated detailed map plan from the manager soon on what to avoid.

In the meantime;

  • please avoid landing on the west side of the motorway

  • avoid landing in any fields with crops and/or stock in them

We have been advised to keep close to the South East side of the Motorway along the top of the big straight heading to Castle Hill Station. This will be updated soon for the site info.

Keep in touch

Please drop in and see the manager - Anne Hann, or call on 0212628360 if you're not sure of anything. They would like you to drop in and say hello to keep in touch. Remember: You do get seen by the staff even if you cannot see them.




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