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NZHGPA Strategic Plan: Club Input Presentation & Q&A

Members of the Canterbury Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club are invited to join an ONLINE presentation by Erica Caro who, on behalf of and in consultation with the NZHGPA, has prepared two potential strategic plans for the wider NZHGPA.

Date: Monday 8th August Time: 7pm - 7.45pm Location: ONLINE via Google Meet

Google Meet joining info can be found in the Facebook event here or email comms@chgpc.org.nz for the joining information. We will hold a Google Poll following the meeting to get the Clubs thoughts. Please feel free to review the following documents before the online session:



At the 2021 AGM, the NZHGPA was tasked with delivering a strategic plan to its members. The Executive team, over several months of research and discussion, have drafted a set of priorities. Two strategic documents have been prepared which reflect the variation in opinion of the Executive team; and it will be up to the Clubs to make the final selection. A third option is available, based on feedback from the membership, is to look at the plan again. The options will be presented at the NZHGPA AGM, and the vote will ideally decide which will be adopted by the Association. Linked below are a number of documents; The most import being Strategic Priority Options.pdf. This clearly sets out the strategic priorities – the differences between each are highlighted in yellow. In an effort to “flesh-out” how these strategic priorities can be used, and how they can be integrated into the Association and Club activities – OPTION 1-Possible Activities.pdf & OPTION 2- Possible Activities.pdf are linked. Point to note: these are NOT IN ANYWAY PLANNED, BUDGETED OR ACTIVE activities of the Association, it is merely brainstorming, to illustrate what is possible and what will meet the strategic priorities as presented. We look forward to your input.