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Recap: First Aid Course with SkillLAB

A quick recap of the First Aid course run by SkillLAB.

A great time was had by all who attended the recent two-day paragliding-specific first aid course, designed specifically for us, by the team at SkillLab.

The course combined theory and practical training, covering common scenarios that can occur while paragliding; such as injuries from landing, tree landing, and exposure to bad weather conditions.

Throughout the course, participants learned about the importance of preparedness, including what medical gear to carry, and what they should have in their first aid kits. By the end of the course, everyone felt much more confident in their ability to handle potential emergencies while out there flying. The practical, hands-on approach of the course made it engaging and an enjoyable way to learn the skills being taught. Everyone found the skills and knowledge gained invaluable, and appreciated the emphasis on preparedness.

Overall, the paragliding-focused first aid course was a highly recommended experience for anyone who participates in the sport.

A HUGE thank you to CHGPC President Colin Hogg for organising the course! The time and effort it takes to arrange these things is not a small thing, and all done voluntarily.



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