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Allandale Weather Station Repaired!

The Allandale weather station has been repaired, thanks to the hard work of club volunteers.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Henning Kruger, Andre van der Elst, & Warren Simonsen, who took a day off work to repair the Allandale weather station.

Despite it being a very windy day and delays with gate padlocks not fitting our key, lowering the mast and replacing the wind sensors went well. The new anemometer set should serve well for the next few years. (The old anemometer had a distinct bearing problem.)

The mast was rebuilt by club members many years ago, and shows very little deterioration over the years. The mast is a valuable club asset and has good potential and life span for the club in the future.

Thank you again to all those who helped on this project - if you see them on the hill, don't forget to say Cheers!


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