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Club Good Sorts

A few shout outs to the hard work our club members put in to keep our sites tidy and flyable.

Taylor's Mistake tidy ups

Appreciation to Ross Groom for clearing thistles up at Taylor's launch earlier this month.

"A special shout-out to Ross Groom. While lots of pilots were 'fanging' around in the awesome breeze this afternoon, Ross was painstakingly ripping out sprouting thistles before they make their annual return to ruin the launch area."

- Cliff Swailes via Paragliding Christchurch WhatsApp group

And a further shout out to all of those piling up and reporting the rubbish that has been dumped at Taylor's lately. A nice reminder that we can all do our bit to keep our beautiful sites clean and tidy.

Another great tip from Cliff on how to report dumped rubbish, graffiti etc. to the local Council:

You can download the app called Snap Send Solve. Open the app, attach a photo of the item, it gets a GPS position attached, add notes, send.

Too easy!


Allandale Gorse Clearing

A big thanks for the following who put time aside to clear the long overdue gorse in front of the top take off at Allandale. This had been a massive task involving hours working on a slope on each visit over the past weeks, The pictures only show a fraction as it is many meters down the gully.

Henning put in 4 days of chainsaw- ing and Andre and Warren put in 2 days with Matt joining in to help clear the last chunk away

This should make the take-off and top landings much smoother in the 3 meters of air above ground.

Just like Little River, to cut only one gorse branch before you take off will keep the take off corridor easily keep a bush saw in your boot.

Have fun,

Warren Simonsen

Hang Gliding Safety Officer.


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