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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Lambing season is a particularly important time for farmers, and we must respect their land and any restrictions they put in place around sites, or access to sites, on their land.

Little River is closed until further notice.

Due to lambing season, Little River is closed until further notice. Please respect the farmer's wishes.

Ask permission, NOT forgiveness

Our presence on, or flying over farmland may frighten or injure pregnant or new born livestock.

Even at places where you usually fly without issue, please check with the farmer if it is ok to fly at this time.

This is an important time for farmers and they do appreciate our cooperation. Disregarding site restrictions around spring/lambing season has resulted in the loss of many flying sites, while consideration and communication has helped us to maintain good relationships with land owners.

If in doubt, or if there are stock present please DO NOT FLY without asking.

Sheep and lamb in a field


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