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IMPORTANT REMINDER of the Gondola 100m Rule

A reminder to stay more than 100m away from the cableways and buildings of the Christchurch Gondola.

A kind reminder to keep MORE THAN 100m away from all cableways and buildings AT ALL TIMES while flying at the Christchurch Gondola site.

This is a crucial part of our agreement with the Gondola Management Team, and must be adhered to if we want to keep the site.

Please be sure to include this information when giving a site induction to any new or visiting pilots to the Christchurch area, especially those whose first time it is at the Gondola site.

Also, please remember to sign out when you are finishing flying for the day. More information can be found on the Gondola site page.

The below images give an indication of the 100m NO FLY area.



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